Sign of the Times

This is a sign, presumably posted in a town or city somewhere in the United States, perhaps in Europe. As a teacher of the English language, I would find this laughable, if it wasn’t for the fact that there are many states, communities, and groups that feel this way about “mandating” English. Learning English does make sense, for those who wish to go to school and work with others who do. But should it really be a “mandate”? I truly hope the person who posted this saw how very embarrassing and misguided it was–misspelling aside. I’m just curious: What do you think? Feel free to comment (remember to be respectful of all opinions, no matter your stance)!

Sign English

Photo via The Other 98% on Facebook


One thought on “Sign of the Times

  1. Having something be mandatory upsets me somewhat, but it would help people to learn the language of where they live. Even if they don’t need it for work, it might be necessary at the hospital and places like that. Also languages are good for the brain and we could all use some strengthening of that muscle 🙂

    ps: Thanks for the add! I love those sculpted crayons 🙂


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