A Post from Upworthy Lays Some Truth Out On U.S. Education

There are so many myths that have been spread about how Education is failing in our country…but the only failure seems to be in the general misconceptions about what the real problems in education are. Our system is broken because it is based on punitive measures, standardized testing as a panacea, rampant poverty that affects student learning at every level, and the devaluing of teachers and their roles within the educational system and the community. If anything truly useful is to be done, we must break down these myths and look at what is going on world-wide, and apply what we learn that can work here at home, in order to begin to fix a truly embattled system.

Click on the photo link below to see a very effective, graphic representation of the true state of U.S. Education, as it compares to other countries, in order to begin to understand where the actual problems lie. Feel free to comment here, and start a dialogue with ideas about what solutions may exist…


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