A Holiday Season Wish to All

Peace on Earth

Here’s to my few but cherished readers, people who make a difference in this world. Here’s to all the learners and the teachers, the thinkers and the bloggers, trying to bring about a better tomorrow. Here’s to all of the displaced and the refugees, the seekers of freedom and peace, in a world seemingly gone mad. There is a place for you, in our hearts and in our home countries…I would welcome you openly, now and in any season.

Let there be peace and understanding, in the New Year and forever-after.

It is possible…if we can dream it, it can manifest. Language cannot keep us apart, because a smile and a kind gesture is the same in any dialect.

¡Paz!  Mir!  和平!Paix! Frieden! Ειρήνη! शांति!  Béke!   Perdamaian!   صلح!

សន្តិភាព! Te rangimarie! शान्ति! Мир! မိဿဟာယ!  Nabad! Amani! שָׁלוֹם!

 สันติภาพ!  Barış!  Hòa bình!

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