The Harsh Reality of Being a Refugee vs. a European Immigrant

I don't speak English

I found this cartoon on social media a while back, and with everything going on around the world lately, it was a poignant reminder of how some people here in the states profile anyone who comes to the USA in different ways, based on their country of origin.

This cartoon is far from funny, and perhaps some might think it is an exaggeration. But I have witnessed normally “nice” people, even teachers, make insensitive comments about refugee people. It is always based on  learned biases and many times, fear. Plain and simple.

If people stopped to think about the reasons refugees come here…the real reasons…it might give them pause. It takes a lot of courage, to uproot a family from the place they’ve always known, the culture and language they understand, to come to this purported  “home of the free”. They are almost always escaping war, religious persecution, or downright genocide.

Compassion is called for, no matter what the reason. If it was us in their place, we would expect nothing less. Our ancestors all came from elsewhere, and not always for very innocent reasons (i.e.: Colonization and capitalization). At some point, we must look at our own histories and biases and try to see it from another perspective.

2 thoughts on “The Harsh Reality of Being a Refugee vs. a European Immigrant

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