The first lesson of summer

I am posting this in my second blog, to point out that water and compassion are both necessities in any culture!

You Don't Know Me, But You Will...

It was the first full day of summer vacation. I was taking my daughter to a friend’s house: as the temps were already pitching toward 98 degrees at around noon, I didn’t want her walking. We stopped at a busy convenience store, and as I pulled into the parking lot, I saw the emergency vehicle. I knew that summer was already taking its toll on the first of many in our dry desert city.

The store was packed with customers, all stocking up on snacks and drinks. People were filling up giant cups of soda and paying overblown prices for beer and bottled water. As I waited in line with two Thirst Busters, I saw to my left, near the back of the store, a man on the floor. He was propped up against a counter, with a monitor clipped to his finger. EMTs stood to either side of him, eyeing…

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