Made our bed, now we must lie in it

This is from my other blog-site. I share it here for all of you educators and readers whose heads are still spinning in disbelief. If this is not you, please disregard.

You Don't Know Me, But You Will...

I rarely get more political on this blog than necessary. I have been pretty silent throughout this election, watching closely, doing my homework (literally and figuratively). Waiting. Waiting to see if it was all a bad dream. Waiting to see if this country and its people would come to their senses. Trying not to hold much stock in the polls, or what the media said. Then, when reality began to set in, I waited some more. I voted my conscience (mail-in ballot). I went to work, I did my graduate courses. I kept largely silent. I waited, and I hoped right and love would prevail. Then Wednesday morning dawned.


I was in shock. I was deeply saddened, disturbed, and perplexed. What are people thinking? Is this really our reality? Is this what we  have to look forward to–what about my child’s future, all our children’s futures? What have we done…


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