2016: The Year that Defined Us?

It’s not easy to admit when we are wrong. And in the past year, there has been much, much wrong. DAPL, the death of  David Bowie (May He Rest in Peace), and the election of Donald Trump top my personal list. Death notwithstanding (as little can be done to prevent “natural” death–although it’d be nice if we’d finally get around to curing cancer), could we have prevented what is wrong in the world?

You may look back and see many “wrongs” that define the year 2016 for you, and not necessarily agree with  the list that follows. There were just so many injustices and sadnesses to choose from–no matter your religion, political affiliation, your stand on the environment, or on human rights. But should 2016 come to be known as the year that defined us as a country, a world, as human beings I don’t know…that depends on your definition.

Were we intolerant and violent?


Were we deluded?

Image result for Trump followers

Photo from Vox online magazine, 2016


Were we destructive?

From Conserve Energy Future online website, 2016



Were we uncaring?

Image result for syrian refugee crisis

Photo from helpforsyria.org.uk online website



Were we wasteful?

Photo from Think Progress online magazine, 2013


People walk past a Forever 21 store in New York's Times Square in 2010. U.S. consumer confidence jumped this month to the highest level since February.

From US News and World Report online, 2012. MARY ALTAFFER/AP PHOTO.


Were we ignorant?

Image result for social media ignorance



This list is inexhaustible, and I am sure, open to debate. It is merely a snapshot of issues, and the views of those who experience these types of “wrongs” vary so widely, there may be no real answers to “righting” them. I merely wish to share that they are out there, and (still) bear reflection.

We do not have to be defined by them, and obviously, 2016 wasn’t the only year that saw these types of problems. It stands to reason that we–the world and its people–may have been part of the problem, perhaps even the cause. And even if we weren’t, then we need to continue to try to right the wrongs to the best of our collective abilities. Ceaselessly.

2017 looms. Can we shorten the list of wrongs? Probably not, there will always be new issues to deal with, and we are continuously taking two steps back as we take two forward. But no matter how dire the coming year seems to be, we must try to face it with everything we’ve got. And rise to it. Keep reading, keep thinking, keep hope alive.



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