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Welcome/ترحيب/ bienvenida/dobrodošli/歓迎/accueil/Welkom/добро пожаловать….

Ronni Master of My Future

Thank you for “checking me out”, and feel free to comment on any story/post that interests you, makes you think, even makes you mad. All I ask is that the conversation stay civil, respectful of others’ ideas and opinions, and not stooping to personal attacks. I promise to do the same.

This is to be, hopefully, a forum to explore what it means to be a teacher, specifically of  English Language Learners (ELL/ESL), and the particularities  thereof.  Not just for myself, but for others who may share  similar experiences. I have many interests, but I am especially passionate about the importance of knowledge and learning, children’s growth and development, Multiple Intelligence Theory, and multicultural education…tempered by compassion, humor, and free thinking.

I do not wish this to be “just another teachers’ blog”. This is my story, and my vocation is a very important part of who I am. And, although I come into contact day-in and day-out with others in my profession, there are very few I can share my feelings, ideas, and thoughts with. And, let me tell you, I have a lot. The purpose is to open a dialogue, via my posts and the readers’ comments. My fondest wish would be that they find a voice here that they can relate to, and that it somehow makes a difference.


Everything's a Teacher



6 thoughts on “Author’s Purpose

    • I live in Tucson. The community that I spoke of lives in the “29th Street Corridor”, a section of town (although not the only one) where many Somalian, Congolese, and Nepalese families have settled. I worked with many of these children for about 3 years.


  1. In the time that my Scottish partner lived with me I was asked to do English.
    For two years I taught my pupils English.

    I still think it is ridicule to work without a proper education.

    A think a language teacher is a very special professional.

    Later I taught Biology at a bilingual department.
    That was fun and wondeful to do!

    Kind regards,

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