A BBC Video Explains What Teachers Think About and Deal With Daily

This brilliant video shows teachers, presumably from Britain, discussing what it is like to be a teacher, what questions they’re asked, and why they stay in the profession…and surprise, surprise! It’s almost EXACTLY the same discussions teachers here in the states would have, probably teachers around the world, come to think of it. Watch this funny and touching video, and feel free to comment in this forum, especially if you are a teacher.



Ahhh, to Be Young, Pretty, and Able to Speak 20 Languages

This young woman may be doing this as tongue-in-cheek entertainment, but I am impressed that she took the time to learn so many languages, even in part, though she is seemingly lampooning them. I don’t think she is doing it in an insulting manner, either. She seems to relish the talent she has for accents, inflections, and various dialects (some of which I never knew existed). I am curious to find out if she is a student of linguistics, or just a kid with a lot of time on her hands, who perhaps has had the good fortune and finances to travel widely. Or maybe, she is just a very good observer of human communication patterns. Either way, enjoy this latest video!

How to (Not) Write?

I saw this on social media and thought I’d share with readers…especially those of us in English education. Could the following guidelines be true, while still being “cheeky”? Or is impossible to follow them in the normal course of creative writing and speaking?

How to Write

An astute reader made a very good observation…how can one write without using at least some of these? Especially in Fiction. See comments below, and add your “two cents worth” (had to go with an idiom on that one)!

From Huffpost: A Pretty Good Example of What Languages Sound Like to Non-Speakers

This is kind of funny, but ironic. Language is amazing, and each one shares characteristics that are uniquely their own. But if you heard a language you weren’t familiar with, would you be able to identify it by these characteristics? In this cheeky video, this young woman, who seems to be multi-lingual, is actually speaking complete gibberish, but has captured what it must be like for others listening to a non-familiar language. Click the link below to watch and listen. Enjoy! All in good fun!

Source: The Huffington Post  | by  Sarah Barness Posted: 03/06/2014

See it here!

A Cool Article on the History of the Oxford English Dictionary

Ever wonder who wrote the dictionary you use at home or in the classroom? This article sheds some light on the history of the Oxford English Dictionary. On February 1st, 1884, the first volume was published and released to a waiting world. Satisfy your inner nerd…go on, you know you want to! DISCLAIMER: The publication features advertising only appropriate for adults. I have no control over what may be viewed if the reader scrolls to comment section below the online article. Click on photo link below to see the article:

Sagan on Books

Source: Article by By Britt Hanson, for The Range, online publication of the Tucson Weekly, January 30, 2014